Impossible Means “I Am Possible” – Own Your Dreams

Tiana J., Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston

It may have been 8:45 a.m., but the Keystoners brought the same volume and excitement as last night’s opening conference session. They started a conga line and sang along to “Trap Queen.” The Hill Club got the privilege of sitting in the V.I.P. area.

Gracie Schram was the opening act. She hit all the right notes with her speech about making a difference in the world and using our passions to do that. The fact that she is a 16 year old high school junior made her even more relatable. MC Halleemah Nash joined her on stage, and said, “There is no age limit or age requirement to meet your dreams.”

Hannah Donovan and Diego Bonilla went on stage to welcome Preston Pollard, Lemon Andersen, and Sara Palmer, the panelists that came to talk about their experiences with making their dreams a reality. “Impossible is short for I Am Possible,” panelist Lemon Andersen told us. He added, “Life isn’t a popularity contest. You have to bring substance.” His poem got everyone on their feet and was very inspiring. MC Nash gave us the advice that the people you surround yourself with are the people that make or break your dreams. She also said that you yourself are the only person holding you back. Don’t be your own obstacle. All three panelists and MC Nash had the same thing to say about brushing the haters off.

First Wave is back again!!! After their inspiring performance last night, they were back again this morning getting laughs already. “I used to think my dreams were juvenile, but now I own my dreams.” The Keystone motto for this year’s conference is #ownyourmagic. First Wave’s motto is #ownyourdreams.

The morning session ended with us completing a card with our dream on it, then wearing a button on which we wrote our dream. Andrew Owen and Felix Chapman won a pair of Beats by Dre headphones because of their participation in the career exploration off-site trips yesterday.

When you leave Florida, make sure you look around at the people you surround yourself with. Those that tell you, “You can’t,” “You shouldn’t,” and “Don’t” – cut them out of your life because around them, your dreams will always be just  that – your dreams. Look for those people that tell you, “You can,” “Why don’t you?” “Try,” and “Do it.” With them your dreams will become reality.

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