2015 National Keystone Conference- Saturday

Caitlyn B.

The first General Session on the last day of the conference started with a poem by Raven Pace, the winner of Friday nights talent show. 

 Soon after, Josh Shipp, author of “The Teens Who Run the Domination of This World”, came on stage. The catch phrase of his message, “Your imperfections make you human, your humanity makes you influential”, set the scene for not only the journey of his life but the reality of every person that was in the room. Shipp told the story of how he was left at the hospital as a newborn. By the time he was 8 years old, he already had lived in a dozen foster homes and had tried to end his life.  

“Will I get bitter or will I get better,” he said.

When Shipp was 14, he had finally found the family he thought he’d never get. His mother and father are very supportive of him and now Shipp tours the country talking to teens. 

After Josh Shipp spoke, First Wave, a poetry and theatrical group performed a touching piece and invited the crowd on stage to sing with them. 

The Regional Youth of the Years and Maryah Sullivan, the National Youth of the Year came on stage and answered some questions about their community. 

At the end of the session, cards were handed to Keystoners asking how they could impact their community. 


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